Switch edu-ID is your digital educational identity and enables lifelong learning, whether as a student, lecturer, employee or private person. The account is easy to use, user-centered and provides secure access to academic services in Switzerland and worldwide.

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Your digital identity for academic services, developed with and for Swiss universities.


High level of security, transparency and control over the use of your personal data.


A user-centred identity that accompanies you before, during and after your studies.

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Most frequently asked questions

The account is user-centric and was developed by and for Swiss universities. The digital identity provides access to a wide range of services worldwide and thus enables lifelong learning. The account accompanies you in your academic career, which goes beyond institutional and national borders.

By linking a organisational affiliation, you gain access to restricted services, such as learning or research platforms. As a private user, your account gives you access to many free educational resources.

The account is user-orientated and you should not create multiple accounts. The digital identity is designed to manage multiple roles (e.g. students and staff) from different organisations and therefore ensuring that a single account is suitable for all your needs.

Multiple accounts cause problems for you, your organisation and the services you use.

Setting up Multi-factor Authentication is very simple and can be done in just a few minutes.
  1. Go to your security settings.
  2. Activate the Multi-factor Authentication.
  3. Use an authenticator app to set up the second factor.
    Alternatively, set up passkeys for a passwordless and even more secure login experience.
Note: Please provide a mobile number in case you need to recover your account.

In case of loss or unavailability of the second factor, you must use one of the recovery methods you have configured in your account.

To do this, go to your account and click on the link to reset the second factor during login.
Please follow the instructions for recovery.

There are various reasons why access to a service may be denied. Common reasons are:

  • Your account has no linked to any organisational identity. Add an organisation identity.
  • Your organisation does not have access to the service. Please report your demand to the IT support of your organisation.
  • Your account is missing service-specific information.

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